Wednesday, 5 October 2011

David Bowie and Iman's Balinese-inspired villa in the Mustique

Singer David Bowie and his supermodel wife Iman own a stylish home in Mustique. Perhaps "stylish" is an understated word.

Text by Christopher Buckley and TopCelebrityHomes ourselves, Photography by Derry Moore

Iman and David Bowie's home, by architect Arne Hasselqvist, is inspired by Balinese architecture and spirituality.  From the interior design by Robert J. Litwiller & Linda Garland, to landscape design by Michael White, everything is a harmonious blend to sooth the soul.
David Bowie's interior designer Litwiller said “...we wanted to create different moods as you proceed through, with surprises around corners. We hit upon a formal European living room that enhances the whole ‘British retreat in the tropics concept.” Garland, who designed the 19 th-century-style furnishings, used antique beveled glass for the shutters. At left is a set of circa 1825 engravings of the pagodas of Pagan and Rangoon. The circa 1850 crystal oil chandelier, one of the final details of the five-year project, was found in London.

The above images of David Bowie's landscape garden are where Indonesian influences could most be seen, complete with green water, waterlilies, tropical grass and scattered stones.

Stunning seaview of the Mustique from the tranquil retreat of supermodel Iman and David Bowie.

A palm-frond pattern was silk-screened onto the mosquito netting and bed coverings in one of the guest bedrooms. South American greenheart was used on the floors throughout to deter termites. This is perhaps one of the guest bedrooms.

Another nod to David Bowie's British legacy could be seen in the freestanding teak dining pavilion, with a circa 1825 English lantern, an adaptation by Garland of the Yoglo style used in the palaces of central Java. She reinterpreted the carved balustrade, which depicts the Naga, the symbol of immortality, and reproduced the dining chairs from ones used at Raffles

The master bedroom of David Bowie and Iman, where a collection of 19 th-century Egyptian Revival furniture takes centre stage. In the corner is an inlaid 19 th-century Moroccan chest-on-stand. The floors are covered with antique lacquered rattan matting
A guest pavilion, with bamboo doors designed by Michael White, who designed Bowie's landscape garden.  
David Bowie at home in his Indonesian sarong.
All photos courtesy of Architectural Digest via ptwijaya. 
By the way, David Bowie and Iman's home in the Mustique was featured on Architectural Digest back in 1992, when Balinese style wasn't en-vogue at all.

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