Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Inside Lady Gaga's L.A home: surprisingly normal-looking villa in Bel Air

For an occupant who wore her dress from real meat to a music award, this home in Bel Air that Lady Gaga lives when she works in L.A. is surprisingly normal and non-gaga.

Luxury Lady Gaga's White Palace on California 2 ideas home concept
The balcony overlooks an outdoor pool and lush greenery.

Lady Gaga's Hollywood crib is a 6-bedroom, 8-bathroom villa. She rents it for $25,000 per month. Despite having an estimated wealth of $100 million, the New York-born singer doesn't own any property and still has most of her possessions at her parents' triplex in Upper East Side, NYC.

Luxury Lady Gaga's White Palace on California 6 ideas home concept

Lady Gaga's bedroom is nice but feels more like a hotel room than a home.

Sweeping sunset could be viewed from Lady Gaga's terrace in Bel Air.

One of the six bedrooms in Lady Gaga's California home.

Another bedroom with beautiful view of the horizon beyond.

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The living room opens out to a huge terrace.

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There's definitely a Marilyn Monroe going on at Lady Gaga's house.

Luxury Lady Gaga's White Palace on California 3 ideas home concept

The country style kitchen. In a recent interview on Vanity Fair February 2012, it turns out the quirky singer is a very good cook and can actually make pasta sauce from scratch. Another surprising fact about her.

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