Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Inside Countess Cosima von Bulow Pavoncelli's home: classic castle with exquisite styles

Countess Cosima von Bulow Pavoncelli (born 1967) is a British aristocrat, socialite and philanthropist, daughter of lawyer Claus von Bulow and the late Sunny von Bulow. She married Italian Count Riccardo Pavoncelli in 1996 and have three children.

Below are the photos from their castle, courtesy of Town & Country magazine, via Marmeladeevans 

Countess Cosima von Bulow Pavoncelli's daughter reading on the sofa in the living room. We love the oversized lamp.
Cosima 5

The castle is decorated in traditional, classic style

Cosima 3

One of the bedrooms in Countess Cosima von Bulow Pavoncelli's castle, decorated in calm white shades, with romantic lace netting
Cosima 1

Countess Cosima von Bulow Pavoncelli with her three children in their room
Von bulow 1

The castle stands on a hill and offers sweeping view
Cosima 4

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